Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We have 160,000 Alabama voters who need to do more research

With just a handful of precincts still out there, Larry Darby, Democratic candidate for attorney general, stands with 160,114 votes...about forty thousand less than his opponent, now official nominee John Tyson.

Now, let's forget that John Tyson has had a sterling record as Mobile County District Attorney, a job that he has used to oust corruption in both the sherriff's office and the school board. Let's forget that he is bringing some new answers to the problem with youngful offenders. Let's forget that he has an actual coherent message.

Let's just look at what Larry Darby brings to the table. He is an admitted Holocaust denier. He says he wants to reawaken white racial awareness. He has been decried by Joe Turnham, the Alabama Democratic Party Chairman.

And yet, he garnered, so far, 43% of the vote in this statewide primary.

I refuse to believe that 43% of the Democratic voters in the state of Alabama agree with his ridiculous ideas, so I must assume that many people who voted for him were simply unaware of what he stands for. State elections outside battles for governor, lieutenant governor, and surpreme court rarely garner major attention, and many voters rarely attempt to do independent research to see what the candidates actually stand for.

I wonder how many churchgoers voted for Darby, who is general counsel and former president of the Atheist Law Center, simply because his name came before Tyson's on the ballot.


Blogger Mikerson said...

I'm still furious about this. I can not believe the Democrats in this state could be so careless. It blows my mind!

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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